Thursday, April 22, 2010


Last night as I was praying I thanked God for leading me to this blog community for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I also thanked Him for all you guys, my brothers in Christ who struggle with SSA like me. So I figured I would post here to tell you all! Seriously you don't know how much it means to me to find other Christians who are in the same struggle as me and know what it is like. For so long I have been struggling with this on my own in secret. To read your thoughts, successes, dreams, and failures and pray for you, and ask you to pray for me and be able to be honest with you is awesome! I have never had many male friends that I could be myself around and I have never been this open and honest with anyone in person. So its great to feel like I can be myself when I post. I am looking forward to getting to know you all better!

I wish I had known that there was a blog community of fellow Christians struggling with same sex attractions a long time ago. Maybe alot of things in my life would be a little better now if I had known earlier as I find I am drawing courage and strength from reading how you guys handle things and seeing I am not alone in having this struggle but still trying to live for God. But better late then never! For the first time in my life I seriously am considering opening up to some people in my life about my struggle and that is thanks mostly to reading your blogs and seeing how you all deal with things. I am so thankful God saw it fit for me to find this blog community at a time when I was really feeling alone, down, and hopeless.

Anyways just wanted to tell you all that your blogs and honesty have really meant alot to me. This struggle we have I believe is one of the toughest things any christian could be faced with since we are misunderstood on all sides. Even many churches seem to prefer to ignore us and pretend we don't exist rather than try and support us on our very tough and at times very lonely walk. So its inspiring to see how brave you all are in sharing not only your struggles and failures but all the successes and good things God has provided too! Anyways just wanted to encourage everyone to keep up the honest discussions and know that your blogs are helping other Christians out there who struggle with SSA some who may be to afraid to post, they sure have helped me!

-Your appreciative brother in Christ


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  1. AJ,

    Good morning Mate! Just waking up here but wanted to wish you a great weekend and thanks for the thoughts and prayers. Just getting packed and ready for the Mens Retreat and I am sooooo excited!

    It is great to hear that you are finding a forum for your thoughts, fears and processing and I hope that you will find your voice not only here, but also in your personal life with trusted friends, to dialogue and work out the different and unique issues that face us as men of a slightly "other" brokenness.

    Each of us have a singular path that leads us to Jesus Christ, but I can assure you that His will shall never take you, where His grace cannot sustain you.

    Never doubt in the darkness what He has told you in the light.

    I trust this day brings a bit of peace to you and that your time spent here sharing with yourself and others your past, present and future, brings you the answers, foundation and healing we all so desperately seek.

    Ciao man!