Friday, April 23, 2010

Some Wandering Thoughts for April 23

Last night while brushing my teeth before bed I got some amusing wandering thoughts in my head and since that is the name of my blog I figured I would share them with you!

Thought #1 while brushing my teeth: Maybe I should become a monk. Would be great to run away from all my problems and get to wear a cool brown robe like a Jedi Knight.

Thought #2 as I spit out my toothpaste: Hmm wait I see two problems with this idea:

  1. Im not a Catholic so dont think I would be allowed.
  2. What if I have some good looking monk for a roommate?

Thought #3 while rinsing with some mouthwash: Wonder if gay monks are allowed to stay with the Nuns? :-)

Just some wandering thoughts I had while getting ready for bed!


  1. LOL...that is so funny! There have been times in my life I have considered a monastic existence, if even for a while, to decompress and assemble my next plan of action.

    I have a friend from church that does some time in a monastary each year for personal reasons. He is one awesome guy!

    Check him out! Until later man, keep your stick on the ice!


  2. hehe. Amazing logic.
    There are protestant monks, I do believe. Gay monks, I've yet to hear about though. Because they stay with the nuns?

    Hi again!

  3. :-) Hey Jahteo great to see you back!