Sunday, April 25, 2010


Feeling a bit better this morning. I slept on an air mattress with my bare feet hanging off the end and my brother has forced hot air heat here and I guess my feet were hanging right over the vent when the heat came on this morning. I was cold so that was a great way to slowly wake up having warm air blow on my cold feet and making me warm and toasty. Even had a bit of a dream right before I woke up about laying in the sun that i think the warm air on my feet caused. I guess little things make me happy lol. :) Getting ready to head out to church and worship our amazing, forgiving, loving God! Having a family cookout after so today should be good.

One day at a time.

Sorry to everyone reading all this I probably post to often. I know from my posts here you all must think I never stop talking in person. Hopefully I have not scared everyone off. I am maybe to dramatic here. Its funny because in person I am really shy and reserved. But actually thats just on the outside inside I over think everything and am very dramatic and take things personally. I am maybe to sensitive. I need to get my thoughts out so i post them here instead of letting them drive me crazy. Oh and if you think this is bad you should see my journal. lol :-)

Hope everyone has a good day.


  1. AJ,

    Just got back from my Men's Retreat with the guys from church and caught up on your last few posts. I think that you are slowly finding your voice and you should remember this blog is for YOU! :)

    Post as often or seldom as you like, speak of what you will and just enjoy the space that allows you to express yourself in an open and authentic way.

    I understand the feelings of loneliness you are having but want to encourage you to seek out close male friends who can support and love on you without compromising your values and heart.

    We all need touch, companionship and love. Ask God for what you want and He will give you what you NEED.

    Love you brother, and am praying for you. Peace


  2. Hi Daemon! Thanks for the prayers and advice! Always appreciate it.

    I was praying for you on your Men's retreat this weekend. How did it go?