Friday, March 11, 2011

Pray the Gay Away?

Earlier in the week the documentary "Pray the Gay away?" hosted by Lisa Ling aired on Oprah's network OWN. Its worth watching and gives all sides to the debate on whether its possible to be Christian and gay. I feel overall it was pretty fair in its handling of exodus and those who choose not to act on their attractions. I was afraid it would be edited in a negative light and look down on those who choose not to embrace the gay lifestyle despite their attractions. Worth watching if for no other reason then to see what its like when one struggles with this and the way it makes you question your faith at times and look for answers.

The episode is now online at! Here is the link to watch the full episode: Pray the Gay Away? Full Episode

Also after this episode aired they had a special with host Gayle King where she interviewed Lisa Ling and got updates from many of the people that appeared in her documentary "Pray the Gay Away?"

Here is the link to watch the special that featured discussions on the documentary "Pray the Gay Away?" and updates from people who were interviewed in it: Pray the Gay Away? The Conversation Continues...


  1. Thanks for sharing that. Will check it out. :)

  2. What did you think of it? I was just happy it was so fair to all sides. That seems like a rare thing these days. And honestly I was pretty impressed with Alan Chambers. Since I have never been to an exodus event I was surprised he was so honest about still having SSA feelings but choosing to go a different path that he feels God wants him to be on.

    Overall I got alot out of this documentary. The biggest thing was everyone in the entire documentary was pretty open about their struggles and not really ashamed. Even those who choose to resist their attractions. That was pretty inspiring to me and encouraged me to try and be more open.

  3. "What did you think of it? I was just happy it was so fair to all sides. That seems like a rare thing these days. And honestly I was pretty impressed with Alan Chambers."

    I agree that it was relatively fair to all sides. That is refreshing, because I definitely feel that if someone chooses not to pursue a gay relationship that decision should be respected and not disparaged.

    Regarding Alan Chambers/Exodus, I have mixed feelings. I'm happy that Chambers admitted that he still feels attractions to men. And I'm glad that Exodus doesn't focus as much on making people straight anymore (i.e. reparative therapy). However, IMO they still need to publicly and clearly articulate that change to an exclusively hetero orientation is NOT likely. I believe it would also be beneficial for them to apologize for past actions in which making people straight took priority over loving them. Because they have yet to state unequivocally the facts about sexual orientation (i.e. that complete change in sexual orientation is highly unlikely), I believe they are still causing harm. Fringe "ministries" that look to Exodus as an example, such as Janet's in the documentary, still operate on misguided notions that cause unnecessary pain/mental anguish. Also, all of the ex-gay individuals interviewed in the documentary listed "getting married to the opposite sex and having kids" as at least one of their main reasons for leaving the gay "lifestyle." I don't think that should not be the or even a primary reason for a Christian to avoid gay sex.

    A final problem I have with Exodus and associated ministries is that they still consistently refuse to recognize that some gay people were born with a gay orientation. That isn't saying anything about the morality of gay sex, but just a recognition of reality. Many gay people weren't sexually abused etc.

    Anyway, just my thoughts. Thanks again for sharing the documentary, AJ.